U.S. Present Danger tour takes place at the invitation of ' Rock for fat ' and ' Albion Amps ' with whom Dutch company Q - guitars came into contact during the musical fair NAMM in Los Angeles . While talking about music was the last album Face the truth ' Present Danger handed . The people of Q - guitars were especially curious about what they thought of the song " Iron Rain " , a song about the senseless violence of war. "That we have known ," says singer and guitarist Thijs de Jong Present Danger . "The people of Rock for Vets were very impressed with the song ," Hey man , this is about us ! " . Furthermore, they found my camogitaar customized totally awesome . We still have some stuff sent to America , and that led to an invitation to that side to qualify for a short tour . This comes to us with a long-cherished dream of ! "

Rock for Vets is an organization of volunteers in Long Beach, California who gives music lessons and band coaching to veterans in the VA Military Hospital. This is the ' Rock for Vets band originated , who regularly gives benefit concerts and performances at festivals for other organizations . Expected if the cooperation does not only result in the Present Danger tour in America, but also a lasting partnership with the Kaat Heuvelse metal band , Q- guitars and Music'scool in Waalwijk . " The tour will also receive an official touch . There is namely a delegate with the Dutch Veterans Association to talk about a Dutch or European section of Rock for Vets : this is already seriously interested . So who knows what else arises from . "

For now there are two shows on the program with the ' Rock for Vets band opening for two shows in Phoenix along with Black Widow Kiss , a show in Long Beach and a concert in Hollywood in the Sam Ash music store ( one of the largest musical stores of America) . There is also a performance interview with a radio station and one for the TV show " Road dogs . " That show is broadcast in fifty major cities in the U.S. : how cool is that ? Probably we also have a show in Las Vegas . It is thus hard work in those two weeks , but that 's the point . We want to play every minute of the day . For a dream comes true now we go to America . Now we will work on the second dream : to break into the U.S. "At the enthusiasm of the band will not lie . The adventures of Present Danger in America can be followed on the website and Facebook page of the band.

KAATSHEUVEL – De koffers met muziekinstrumenten en apparatuur zijn gepakt; nu alleen de kleren nog. Op woensdag 22 januari vertrekken de vier leden van metalband Present Danger uit Kaatsheuvel voor twee weken naar Amerika voor een kleine tour. Daarmee komt een droom uit voor de band. Naast optredens staan er interviews voor radio en tv ingepland; ook zal Present Danger samenwerken met oorlogsveteranenorganisatie Rock for Vets.