Breaking Through! Present Danger

vlagGB In a rather unusual manner Present Danger has put itself in the spotlight. Their reputation as a fantastic live band was due to being a cover band with their heroes Metallica in mind. Even on their new album Face The Truth you feel a lively atmosphere. Minor mistakes or little production errors they’ve left on there to give it a genuine feel. Clearly, they PresentDanger breaking throughweren’t in the mood for a polished and refined studio project. More an honest project of four highly talented guys, who know their business. You would expect them to play their music with a variety in Metal.

Brandin Guitars IRON RAIN Model

This Brandin guitar is the Signature guitar of Present Danger (official PD ) frontman Thijs de Jong.
And is named after the song "Iron Rain". Also available with EMG's 85/81 or 60/81 like Thijs is using .
Have a look at the videoclip and see the guitar in action ! During the NAMM 2014
Present Danger will be playing in the Los Angeles area and a week later in the Phoenix area .